Don’t give holy things to dogs, and don’t throw your pearls in front of pigs

Don't throw pearls in front of pigs

In Matthew 7:6, it is advised not to give holy things to dogs or throw pearls in front of pigs.

In life, we often come across situations where we give our best to someone, only to be disappointed by their lack of appreciation or even their betrayal. It can be disheartening to see our efforts go to waste. But as the saying goes, “Don’t give holy things to dogs, and don’t throw your pearls in front of pigs.” This biblical verse from Matthew 7:6 serves as a reminder to be discerning in our relationships and to recognize the value that others place on what we offer. Just like pearls, our efforts, kindness, and generosity are precious and should be given to those who will appreciate and cherish them.

Unfortunately, not everyone will reciprocate our goodwill. Some individuals may take advantage of our kindness, disregarding the significance of what we have given them. It can be painful to witness someone we trusted turning around and attacking us, especially after we have shown them our best.

In a personal anecdote, there was a lady who purchased oil and gas leases from me in Wyoming in 2020. She was kind and gentle in our communication, which led me to allow her to take a lot next to mine. However, things took a turn when she began listening to the wrong people who were jealous of me and sought to harm me. She joined a team of individuals who sued me in 2021, with the intention of winning the lawsuit and obtaining compensation from me.

Despite the legal action, I still maintained a sense of integrity and professionalism. I continued to provide her with information on how to pay the annual fees for her lease, ensuring that it did not expire.

However, fate had a different plan. Towards the end of 2022, a drilling company initiated a project that included most of my properties, as well as hers. I discovered an interesting twist. Curiosity led me to inquire about her property tax payments, and to my satisfaction, I found that she had failed to pay the annual tax on her property. As a result, her oil and gas leases expired, and she was no longer receiving offers for her property.

It was a moment of vindication, as I realized that her actions had ultimately led to her own downfall. In January 2024, I finally saw her in court for the first time, she testified falsely against me.

However, her actions do not define my worth or the value of my offerings. It is a reflection of her character and her inability to appreciate the beauty and significance of what she has received. Instead of dwelling on her betrayal, I focus on learning from the experience and surrounding myself with people who truly value and appreciate my efforts.

Matthew 7:6 Don’t give holy things to dogs, and don’t throw your pearls in front of pigs. They will stomp on the pearls, then turn around and attack you.

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