Do Not Be Overcome By Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good

Overcome Evil With Good

Do Not Be Overcome By Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good

Change of Law for LLC

In December 2023, a significant change in law affected several companies registered in the United States. This new law, which came into effect on January 1, 2024, prompted me to make changes to the management of my companies. As a responsible business owner, I promptly informed my followers about these changes through a post on my Facebook page. It is important to clarify that these changes were not driven by personal preference, but rather a legal requirement imposed by the federal government.

Misunderstanding My Work

Unfortunately, amidst these changes, a woman, whose initials are MDSN, who has brought a lawsuit against me, accusing me of hiding properties and assets. I find this accusation baseless. If I had any intention of concealing my properties and assets, why would I wait until now, when the lawsuit has already been initiated? I had ample time, spanning over two years, to take such actions if that were my intent. The fact is, I have nothing to hide. 

Oil Lease Buyer

Let me provide some background on the situation with MDSN. She purchased a federal oil lease in Colorado from me, adjacent to one of my lots. Shortly after we signed the transaction contract, an American oil company expressed interest in buying all of my oil leases in Colorado. I approached MDSN and offered to repurchase the plots that I had already sold, ensuring that she would receive a percentage of the profits if any oil was extracted. However, she declined my offer, and we proceeded with changing the title to her name. Following the transfer of the title, according to Colorado State policy, any correspondence regarding the land would be directed to MDSN, as the new owner.

Visiting The Land

As a courtesy, she expressed a desire to visit the land, and I agreed to meet her there. Unfortunately, due to exhaustion from a long day of travel, I informed her that I would be unable to meet in the evening but suggested meeting as planned the following morning. It is worth noting that those close to me are aware of my limitations when I am tired from traveling. I have not made this information public, as it is not necessary for everyone to know. In such situations, I typically require an intravenous injection to regain my energy for the next day. The following morning, we visited the land, and on the return journey, I drove ahead while she followed behind in her car. We conversed on the phone during the drive, and it was a pleasant and enjoyable trip. Yesterday, I found myself too exhausted to go out with her, so instead, I decided to take her to a restaurant in the city. It turned out to be a wonderful day as we indulged in various delicious dishes and enjoyed each other’s company. After our satisfying meal, I offered to wash her car. It was a simple gesture, but washing her car gave me an opportunity to show my care for her.

During our time together, I treated MDSN with kindness and respect, as I would my own sister. I offered her advice on dressing appropriately and behaving responsibly, wishing her well in her personal life. In my mind, I saw her as a new family member, as I do not have parents in America, and she too lacks parental support. I was genuinely happy for her and her successful acquisition of the oil lease.

Setting Boundaries

However, approximately a month later, I received an unexpected message from MDSN, expressing frustration about the lack of communication from my end and she complained that I was using social media instead of talking to her. It came as a surprise to me, as I believed that my presence on social media was sufficient to keep her updated about my life. Besides I am not her girlfriend or boyfriend to keep communicating daily.

I have always been a confident and independent woman, capable of making my own decisions and choosing how to spend my time. Throughout my life, my family has never needed to instruct me on how to use social media. or dictate who I should befriend. I firmly believe in setting boundaries and respecting the autonomy of others. So, the strangers out there who come across purchasing my oil leases, befriending me does not give you the power to dictate my decisions or change who I am. I know how to navigate the digital world with grace and confidence.

It is important to note that some individuals have attempted to manipulate me through constant messages, threatening to damage my reputation if I do not respond daily. I will share more about these experiences in future posts. 

Reselling Oil Lease

Initially, when the land title was transferred to her, there seemed to be no issues to discuss. However, when I offered to resell the lease, she declined. Now, she has suddenly started pressuring me to resell it.

Oil Lease Termination

Upon further investigation, it came to light that the reason behind her sudden urgency to resell the oil lease was due to her failure to pay the annual fees tax. The State of Colorado had warned her about this and ultimately terminated her property. Unfortunately, she had kept this information hidden from me and was now resorting to verbal abuse to pressure me into reselling the lease.

Attempt to Avoid Legal Fees

Subsequently, MDSN joined the lawsuit against me, demanding double the money initially involved. Their intention is to avoid paying legal fees by sharing the awarded amount with their lawyer, incentivizing them to work harder to secure a larger settlement.

Urgent Letter and Its Implications

During the trial, I was surprised to hear MDSN testify in a negative manner, portraying me in an unfavorable light. She urgently submitted a letter to the court, referencing my Facebook post about changing the company’s management due to the new American law.


I cannot comprehend the motive behind this perhaps she is attempting to appear uneducated or financially disadvantaged that her appearance in court, with unkempt hair and no makeup, did not align with her previous charming demeanor. It is possible that associating with the wrong individuals has influenced her personality and behavior.


Regrettably, the oil lease that MDSN purchased was confiscated by the government due to her failure to pay taxes. In hindsight, I should not have sold the lease to someone who did not fully understand its value, leading to the current lawsuit. The legal fees incurred in defending myself exceed the amount demanded by MDSN, and I refuse to engage in negotiations with individuals who resort to abusive behavior and threats.


I firmly believe in the principle of overcoming evil with good, as stated in Romans 12:21. I will continue to conduct myself with integrity, addressing the accusations against me through legal means.

The changes in the law have necessitated adjustments in my business operations, and I remain committed to complying with all legal requirements.


So, the strangers out there who come across purchasing my oil leases and befriending me do not give you the power to dictate my decisions or change who I am.

– Levi Sap Nei Thang

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